Saturday, April 4, 2009

My Inlaws

I'm not a korean but it happend that i married to a korean man, maybe some of you will not agree with me. But 80% of foreign wives who married with korean men says they don't want to live with their inlaws. other says their mother inlaw is a big problem for their marriage life, But i don't agree to those who say that, Me and My husband are living with my inlaws and we had two kids as you can see in this picture, or maybe I'm the luckiest one. I'm proud to say that I love my inlaws they are so kind and loving parents, a sweet grandparents for my kids, I don't need to ask for more. I don't have any plan to move away from them. But sad to say my father is not healthy as i am, he is sick and in danger situation so he need to be careful, he treat me as a daughter everything i need my inlaws gave it.not only for me specially for my kids. wish they are healthy enough to stay with us for a long time.

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